ASPM in the Media


A couple of podcasts in our collaboration with HealthEd were released. Our very own Dr Johanna Lynch shared her expertise in trauma-informed care from the perspective of a GP. She pointed out the difference between single incident trauma as an objective measure of traumatic events and a more nuanced primary care approach of the trauma-informed lens – noticing the subtle subjective experiences of hopelessness or overwhelming life stories that impact the physiological and social wellbeing in our patients. This podcast offers ways practical forward for both GPs and their patients.

Trauma informed care and why it matters to GPs - Part 1 

Trauma informed care and why it matters to GPs - Part 2 


Karen Spielman (ASPM Management Committee) recorded podcasts with Dr David Lim for Healthed's The Clinical Takeaway Podcast Series. These podcasts cover the overview, screening, and referral of eating disorders. This podcast also addresses the role of the GP when dealing with eating disorders. 

Eating Disorders - Overview, screening, referral - Part 1

Eating Disorders - Role of the GP - Part 2