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Resources for Responding to and Managing COVID-19 from Patient Care to Self-Care

01 April 2020

We have gathered together some resources that may be useful for you at this time.

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Support for Frontline Medical Staff During COVID-19

07 March 2020

In preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic, ASPM has been in discussion with other organisations that seek to support frontline medical staff during this time. As generalist mental health clinicians, ASPM members have a skillset to offer a key resource to the Australian medical community.

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Share your lived experience as a GP providing mental health care

06 March 2020

There are millions of dollars of government money being poured into helping health professionals cope. How? By building another website and offering e-health, and building some more resources available online. I'm not sure this is where we need to offer services.

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Creating a Better Member Experience

05 March 2020

We are excited to advise that the ASPM Committee is working to create a better member experience. The Association Specialists (TAS) will now take on the administrative management of ASPM and, over the next 6 to 8 weeks, TAS will implement an innovative automated web-based platform built on a software called "membes" - a versatile management programme developed specifically for professional associations.

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2020 RACGP/ASPM Joint Conference

04 March 2020

Integrating the Art and Science of Mental Health in General Practice: Caring for the GP and the Patient

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