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ANNOUNCEMENT! Creating a Better Member Experience

Thursday 05, Mar 2020

We are excited to advise that the ASPM Committee is working to create a better member experience. The Association Specialists (TAS) will now take on the administrative management of ASPM and,  over the next 6 to 8 weeks, TAS will implement an innovative automated web-based platform built on a software called "membes" - a versatile management programme developed specifically for professional associations. 

The end product will be a new customised website that will provide: automated membership applications and renewals; an integrated mobile app; event management and registrations; member communication; online payments integrated with financial software; and a platform that will allow for many future developments.

The new system will allow the committee to focus on the development of more benefits for members, including educational opportunities and avenues for peer support, mentoring, supervision and networking, to say nothing of increase revenue and grow ASPM as an organisation.

The new contact phone number is 02 9431 8666 
Dynamic, collegial and productive professional associations are created by the members who volunteer to be on the committee. Please consider representing your colleagues and advancing the cause of the Whole Person Generalist. 
Nadeem Siddqui, President, ASPM