Become a member of the Society

Membership is open to medical practitioners registered in Australasia. Anyone who does not have medical registration in Australia or New Zealand can join as a ‘Friend of the Society’ with the same benefits except that they are ineligible to vote or hold office.

The Society also has had a Fellowship Programme acknowledging the skill and achievement of suitably trained and experienced practitioners. Fellows are expected to participate in an ongoing accreditation programme.  Refer to the Fellowship Handbook page for details of the requirements for application to Fellowship of the Society.

Applications for Membership of the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine are invited from medical practitioners who are currently registered in Australia and others with an interest in mental health. The granting of membership is at the discretion of the executive committee. 


ASPM Membership Fees


FULL MEMBER (Medical Practitioner or Friend)  - $325.00 + GST per year

RETIRED MEMBER - $175.00 + GST per year

Member fees are pro- rated on a quarterly basis.


Full Member - Medical Practitioner

ASPM Full Member - Medical Practitioners are entitled to full member benefits and are entitled to vote.


Full Member - Friend of the Society

ASPM Full Member - Friends are entitled to full member benefits however are not entitled to vote.


Retired Member

ASPM Retired Member.