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Motivational Interviewing in General Practice – Effective Strategies for Change

Dr Monica Moore, in association with ASPM, will be presenting a one-day workshop on Motivational Interviewing for GPs.

Motivational Interviewing is a particular style of communication which is designed to elicit a person’s own motivation for change. The research in a variety of settings has shown that it facilitates lifestyle change and treatment adherence.

RACGP QICPD Activity Category 1 40

GPs face a unique set of challenges relating to helping patients manage their own health. Training in the ‘expert’ model, time pressures, the involvement of multiple clinicians and services, and patient expectations of what constitutes medical treatment all contribute to the difficulties GPs experience in their work.

Dr Monica Moore is a GP with extensive experience in both General Practice and counselling. This workshop is designed to expand your knowledge of Motivational Interviewing skills and increase your confidence in integrating Motivational Interviewing into your work. It will help you to engage patients in discussions about their health, collaborate on goals, and deal with discord and patients who are stuck.

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the interpersonal style and primary skills for evoking intrinsic motivation for healthy behaviour change.
  • Learn how to integrate MI interventions in the context of the health consultation.
  • Demonstrate the skills to manage ambivalence and discord in the consultation.
  • Develop a personal plan for incorporating MI skills and strategies into their clinical practice
  • Document the behaviour changes discussed in the consultation, the patient's change talk and level of confidence to achieve this change, and how review will be undertaken.


RACGP Activity No. 111280