Dr Johanna Lynch

Dr Johanna Lynch

Dr Johanna Lynch is an experienced GP psychotherapist who has spent the last 15 years working with adult survivors of childhood trauma and neglect. She has a specific interest in dissociative processes that disconnect people from themselves, their context, their values and their relationships. She works with rebuilding connection and unity in each of those areas in her clinical work. Her PhD entitled ‘Sense of Safety: a whole person approach to distress in primary care” translated trauma-informed care into a framework that can be used across disciplines.

Dr Lynch’s clinical work focuses on sensing and attending to the whole person (including their relationships and how they make meaning); and developing autobiographical coherence - integrating all parts (even the unpresentable parts) of their story. She is a generalist who integrates her training in trauma-specific therapy, internal family systems, hypnosis and grief into her care for adults and adolescents in the community.

Dr Lynch is passionate about supporting front line workers who encounter the impact of social and relational experiences on the distress of our community. Her philosophy of supervision is to offer a safe place for the practitioner to be themselves, to reflect on the impact of their professional encounters on their own experience. She prioritises awareness of emotional and bodily intuition as well as other forms of evidence in seeing the whole person of all people (including the practitioner). Dr Lynch has offered individual supervision, and group case consultation for about 10 years. She has co- facilitated a multidisciplinary case consultation group for approximately 10 years and is a long-standing coordinator for the Mental Health Professional’s Network. She teaches nationally through online case consultation for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Rural, and the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine.

Dr Lynch’s training has included medicine (UQ 1992), Fellowship of General Practice (RACGP 2003), Grad Cert Grief and Loss (Health Sciences UQ 2007), and Dissociative Disorders Psychotherapy (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation 2011).

Extensive personal development has included a training on attachment and trauma, dissociation, hypnosis, and under Seigel, Cozolino, Schore, Tronick, Ross, Porges, Fonaghy, Bateman, Ogden, Courtois, Ford, and Briere. Dr Lynch is the current Education Committee Chair for the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine, is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland, is Clinical Advisor to the Brisbane Southside Primary Health Care Domestic Violence.