Code of Ethics

Australian Society for Psychological Medicine Code of Ethics

Acceptance of this Code of Ethics is a requirement of membership of the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine.

Members and fellows:

  1. Treat patients with compassion and respect.
  2. Maintain a high standard of professional competence.
  3. Work within the scope and limitations of their expertise and experience.
  4. Seek to encourage patient autonomy and minimise inappropriate dependence.
  5. Avoid discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, culture, creed, gender, age, or social status.
  6. Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with patients at all times.
  7. Under no circumstances engage in sexual activity with a patient.
  8. Avoid any conflict of interest while treating patients. Where a conflict arises, maintaining a high standard of care for the patient takes priority over the interests of an employer or employing body.
  9. Attend to personal health and well-being in such a way as to maintain competence and avoid professional burnout.
  10. Make available information concerning the member’s or fellow’s qualifications, style of therapy, availability and fee structure.
  11. When required, only refer patients to other health professionals who have appropriate qualifications.
  12. Maintain accurate and confidential records in accordance with standard medico-legal requirements.
  13. Ensure security of storage of patient records and other confidential information.
  14. Abide by the rules and requirements of the Society including this code.
  15. Maintain a keen and reflective awareness of your professional and clinical practice and be willing to seek timely professional supervision should any of the above ethical concerns arise.