The Australian Society for Psychological Medicine (hereon referred to as “the Society”) collects information from its members to allow provision of appropriate facilities and services for its membership, to assist with the selection of committee members, and to provide efficient administration. Additional information may be required from candidates for Fellowship to assess their suitability as Fellows.

The Society acknowledges that it has a duty to its members to guard their privacy in relation to all personal information that it holds. All information about members collected by the Society and agents working on its behalf is regarded as confidential. All reasonable steps will be taken by the Society and agents working on its behalf to ensure the security of that information, Personal information is defined as information about an individual, whether fact or opinion, by which that individual can be ascertained, and includes details about a person’s health, criminal record, sexual preference, racial origin, religious, political or philosophical beliefs, and membership of other organisations.

Necessary information regarding members’ contact details, such as addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses, will be circulated only to Australian Society for Psychological Medicine Committee members for specific purposes, and to agents employed or contracted by the Society to carry out necessary administration. Contact and other details will not be released to any other party without specific permission of the member(s) concerned.
Each member of the Society is entitled to access the information the Society holds about them and to update that information when necessary.
The Society will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information it holds about its members is accurate and up to date.

Information about current or past members of the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine that is no longer needed will be destroyed.